Letter from Ms. Rattray

Felicia A. RattrayTo the STHS parents and students,

It is with great honor and enthusiasm that I have accepted the position of School Counselor at Sheridan Technical High School. As the School Counselor, I will work diligently in assisting our students’ transition from one grade level to the next; addressing their personal, social and academic needs professionally and with care. In partnership with the STHS parents, we can provide our students with the challenges and support they need to reach and attain higher goals. In partnership with our students, we can accept the challenges of growing and learning as each student transitions into higher academic achievement and maturity.

I look forward to developing these partnerships with each of you now and in the years to come.

I have served as an educator and school counselor for the past eight years. During those years, I have worked with a diverse population of students in developing graduation plans, academic success plans and personal development plans. I have a strong passion for helping youths identify and overcome challenges, as well as, assisting them in taking ownership of their actions. I have co-authored two published self-help books and I have conducted seminars and workshops that have been presented throughout the United States and abroad. Lastly, I am a Persian Gulf War Veteran with 5 years’ experience in the United States Army.

Again, it is with great honor that I am serving in the role of 11th grade School Counselor and I look forward to working with each of you throughout your high school career.

Educationally Yours,

Felicia A. Rattray