Plumbing Technology

The Plumbing Technology Program is a career pathThe Plumbing Technology Program is a career path choice in which you can earn a great salary. The Plumbing Industry is an up-and-coming career that requires training and a strong personality.  Becoming a Plumber with the training from the Plumbing Technology program will help ensure a stable secure job in these economic times. The Plumbing Industry is one of the most stable jobs in our country. The Plumbing Technology Program will train you in the following:

  • Plumber Helper
  • Residential Plumber
  • Commercial Plumber
  • Plumber

The Plumbing Technology Program also includes the introduction to Solar Thermal, Plumbing Safety, National and Local codes, cold water systems, hot water systems, sanitation systems, water regulations, copper pipe work, poly vinyl chloride, cast iron, soldering and brazing, specialty tools. You will receive hands-on training in our own Energy Lab using state of the art plumbing equipment.

The Plumbing Technology Program encourages students to pursue taking the Broward County Plumbing Journeyman License exam. The Sheridan Technical Plumbing Certificate of Completion may be applied toward a portion of the hands-on-training of the exam requirements, pending approval from the Broward County Plumbing Licensing Board.